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Oliver Berquez, 4D Fit

Personal training is an industry that demands extremely high levels of customer trust in the services provided. As such, the branding identity must be spot-on to ensure that the right message gets across.

We talk to Oliver Berquez about how 4D Fit’s new branding has helped the facility get off to the best start possible.

Tell us about 4D Fit and how you help your clients

4D Fit is a premium small group personal training facility on the outskirts of Chelmsford. We combine excellent facilities with tailor-made support from expert personal trainers in a friendly, supportive and highly motivating environment. We offer exclusive small group personal training (no more than four people in a session) with advice around the four aspects of health, fitness, lifestyle and nutritional coaching.

When you launched the business, what made you decide to invest in creating a brand identity before you launched?

We wanted to burst onto the scene from day one. The type of service and impact we wanted to have with the business required all of the branding to stand out from the start. Image and identity is crucial in the ever challenging and competitive world we live and work in. Our clients expect – and deserve – the absolute best we can offer, which includes our branding and what it says about us.

How has having the brand in place before you launched, helped you with growing the business?

It has developed our ethos, our principles and our messaging. Above all, it has given us the confidence to take the business in the direction that we want it to go. Our branding combines aspirational imagery with distinctive graphics, bold colours and a memorable name. Having the same branding on everything has also helped us to establish a recognisable presence.

4D fit website layout

Defining what our brand is about, has helped developed our ethos, principles and messaging. Above all, it has given us the confidence to take the business in the direction that we want it to go.

What are 4D Fit’s top tips for those of us who sit for too long every day at a screen.

As unprecedented numbers of us are working from home now, it’s more important than ever to take care of our health and fitness during our working day.

  • Stay hydrated by drinking two litres of water every day and make sure you eat well too – add protein and vegetables to every meal.
  • Get up and move about for two to five minutes every half an hour. Taking breaks from work will help to increase your performance.
4D Fit Signage