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A Thriving Blend of Wine, Nature, and Community

We have had the pleasure of working with Albury Vineyard since 2019. What began with the design of their brand and e-commerce website, has continued over the years to include their bottle labelling, marketing communications and more recently the design of signage for their new Wildlife Walk.

In 2021, Albury Vineyard achieved a significant milestone by expanding the vineyard by an additional 8 acres. This expansion not only showcased their commitment to producing exceptional wines but also allowed them to meet the growing demand for their organic wines. It also gave them the perfect area for a Wildlife Walk.

The installation not only adds another dimension to Albury Vineyard’s visitor experience but also encourages families and nature enthusiasts to explore the beautiful surroundings. The walk showcases the vineyard’s commitment to sustainability, biodiversity, and creating a welcoming environment for all.

Visitors now have the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the vineyard while also enjoying the delights of the visitor centre and tasting rooms.

A walk on the wild side…

 Bird, bat and owl boxes
A pond with ducks
Bug hotels and log piles
Butterfly scrapes
Chalk grassland and wildflower meadows
Insect and wildlife highways
An amazing cow horn bench made from a huge redwood tree that fell on the estate
A unique way to learn about our commitment to sustainability and restoring nature

Albury’s continued success also comes from their other offerings such as a wine club, and a series of events throughout the year. Collaborations with local businesses have further enriched their presence in the community, fostering strong relationships and creating unique experiences for their customers.

We are pleased to see Albury Vineyard flourish even further. Their dedication to producing exceptional wines, embracing sustainability, and creating unforgettable experiences sets them apart in the industry.

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