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Nick Wenman, Albury Vineyard

We catch up with Nick Wenmen, to discover the reasons behind rebranding and future plans for this fabulous vineyard.

What was the reason behind your decision to rebrand?

We planted the vineyard in 2009 and released our first wine, a still rosé 3 years later although it was always our aim to produce top quality sparkling wine. By the time we released our first sparklings in 2015, our brand had evolved a lot from a small business producing only a few hundred bottles of a local wine, to a well respected producer of top quality wines which were starting to be served in some of the country’s best restaurants.

We were also starting to receive visitors at the vineyard for tours and wine tastings. Our original branding no longer matched our ethos as a friendly, family-run establishment wanting to welcome a wide range of visitors, whilst at the same time promoting the message that we produce high-quality wine that is well respected in the industry. Furthermore, the branding of our labels differed between wines leading to brand confusion amongst consumers, and our website was outdated both in terms of brand message and technical ability.

Tell us about your wines and what’s involved producing an organic crop every year? 

We produce between 20,000 and 25,000 bottles of wine a year from 12 acres of vines, mainly the Champagne varieties of Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. We also have some Seyval Blanc, and a few rows of Pinot Gris. Our first wine, Silent Pool Rosé, was released in 2012 and quickly put us on the map as a quality UK producer, having been served on the Royal Barge to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

However most of the wine we produce is sparkling and made using Champagne methods. Our Albury Estate sparkling wines have won several gold and silver international awards and are now served widely in the Surrey area, as well as at several Michelin starred restaurants across the country.

The vineyard and our wines are certified organic and there are fewer than 20 organic vineyards in the UK at the current time. Growing vines in England isn’t easy because of our cool climate here, and running a vineyard organically adds a further challenge as we don’t have any chemicals to fight disease, often resulting from difficult weather conditions. It means that we always have to be on top of potential problems in the vineyard and try to prevent disease where we can. Ultimately, we think it’s worth it; we do believe that growing vines organically produces better quality fruit, and better quality wine.

Detail designed a beautiful new brand for Albury, which we love and are already extremely proud of. They developed a website that is user-friendly for both us and the customer. Online sales have dramatically increased as a result of this.

Why did you decide to work with Detail and how was the journey?

We met Ginetta at a networking meeting where we were invited to talk about the vineyard. Ginetta took an immediate interest in the vineyard and and saw our passion for producing quality English wine, and our desire to share that passion with others. Detail saw huge potential in our brand, and made us realise that we weren’t achieving our potential with our current logo, labels, website and overall brand image.

Working with Ginetta and Dan has been a total pleasure. They spent time listening to us talk about our passion for the vineyard, and for what we could achieve in the future, and they let us rant about our frustrations with website, labels and logos! They designed a beautiful new logo which we love and are already extremely proud of, and they developed a website which is user-friendly for both us and the customer. Online sales have already increased dramatically as a result of this. Ginetta and Dan are highly professional, reliable, achieve goals quickly and according to timescales, and have endless patience!

They have made what could have been an extremely stressful process, a very easy and enjoyable journey.

What are the plans for the future of the vineyard?

We remain a small, family-run, boutique vineyard focused on selling locally and to an organic market. We would like to encourage more visitors to the vineyard and, with the help of Detail, are launching a new self-guided tour. We continue to focus on producing ‘Fine Wines from the Surrey Hills’ and would love to have a bit more wine to sell in the future, as we currently sell out of everything we make!