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Nicolle Kane, Memset

We speak with Marketing Manager, Nicolle Kane, about the decision to rebrand and the outcome.

What was the trigger that prompted Memset to consider rebranding?

We hadn’t touched our branding in a number of years, it was outdated and had not grown with the business as we evolved in a new direction. Simply put our brand no longer appealed to our customer base or our target audience.

How did you find the whole rebranding process?

I personally have had experience of working with a number of branding agencies on rebrand projects, I found working with Ginetta and Dan simple and fun!

Their approach and brand strategy workshop with our stakeholders was great, not only was it beneficial for Dan and Ginetta to create our new brand but was a great experience for us. It showed where we were aligned, where we weren’t, and helped create a bond around branding when going out to the rest of the company.

They helped a number of our stakeholders understand just how important our brand was, giving clarity to the direction we needed to go to.

Quite literally the room was speechless. In the minutes after the presentation I was being approached by staff asking when the new brand was going live, all very excited and positive

What was the view internally, when you decided to rebrand and how was it received?

Outside of the stakeholder group, many of our employees were nervous about a rebrand. Most of whom had been with the company since the last branding project nearly a decade ago, they were emotionally attached and not happy about the prospect. On the day of the unveiling of the new brand I was nervous, really nervous. After the presentation, I was met with silence and then a round of applause. In the minutes after the meeting I was approached by senior staff in the office asking when the new brand was going live, when they’re getting their new business cards and comments of how fabulous it looked.

The increased morale amongst the staff was amazing. I think seeing the investment that the company was making in the future was invaluable.

What has the rebranding meant for the business going forward?

We have been able to enter new sectors such as the corporate world more easily and approach larger organisations now we have the look of an enterprise solution which we always have been. Internally it had an amazing change also, with people taking a more active interest in our persona and how we visually appear to customers and prospects.