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Uniting a Global Community: Celebrating the 70th Anniversary of the Ascent of Everest

On May 29, 1953, Edmund Hillary and Sherpa Tenzing Norgay achieved a historic milestone by reaching the summit of Mount Everest, becoming the first people to stand atop the world’s highest mountain. To mark the 70th anniversary of this remarkable achievement, we were appointed to create and deliver a worldwide brand campaign for Everest 70, uniting a global community and highlighting the legacy and charity work that had taken place since 1953.

Following the creation of the brand identity and website, we devised a comprehensive social media strategy and generated engaging content that was consistently delivered throughout the duration of the nine-month campaign.

A series of 70th-anniversary celebrations took place in Nepal, New Zealand and Australia. The final event took place at the RGS, London and was attended by over 30 members of the families of the 1953 expedition, as well as ambassadors, the mountaineering world, and volunteers for the many charities that the 1953 expedition inspired.

We developed a comprehensive strategy for the social media campaign, crafted distinctive video content, and effectively distributed it across multiple social channels. With a focus on showcasing the enduring legacy that continues today, placing special emphasis on diversity and impact. Our digital content reached over 330K accounts, accumulating an impressive 214K video views, engaging a worldwide audience of all ages.

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Four keywords surround the edge of the logo – COLLABORATION, INSPIRITION, COMMITMENT and OPPORTUNITY – also forming the main pillars of the communications strategy and overall aims of the project.

The brand identity was effectively implemented across all global events, paying tribute to the meticulously crafted brand guidelines and assets that were supplied to all the countries involved.

The new website launched at the start of the campaign, with a clear visitor journey highlighting the objectives and history behind the celebrations.

We created a communications plan for new content that would appear regularly in the News and Stories section. This was published in conjunction with social media posts that linked back to the website, driving new visitors and engagement.

The Journey of Celebrations section highlighted the worldwide events taking place, with links and details for tickets. All the worldwide events were fully subscribed.

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An extensive social media campaign ran throughout the nine months leading up to the celebrations. A well thought out strategy for content and collaboration was delivered across all channels, giving context and a strong narrative about the legacy that has continued.

We produced a compelling video for the Himalayan Trust UK, highlighting the remarkable initiatives undertaken in the region in collaboration with Nepalese communities.

This impactful video was featured at the 70th Anniversary dinner, setting the stage for a highly successful charity auction, where funds were raised to support the cause.

Celebrations took place across the world during 2023 with 15 events scheduled during the year.

From Nepal to India, New Zealand, and ultimately back to the UK, we worked in collaboration with the High Commissions of these countries and event organizers to showcase the brand to its fullest potential. Comprehensive brand guidelines and a cohesive set of assets ensured consistent representation in each country.

Picture of Hari Budah Marger speaking at the 70th Anniversary event at the RGS