Brand Identity
Print Design

Creating a modern, mouth-watering new identity for a Swiss patisserie brand Pouly.

Pouly is a family-run patisserie and tea-room business that has more than 30 outlets across Switzerland. From rustic handmade bread to delicate pastries that almost look too goods to eat, this successful company deserved a brand that reflected its true quality.

We were approached to help Pouly refine its existing brand and to develop a visual identity that would help attract new business and inspire its current customer base. After extensive research of the market, our team refined the existing logo, colour palette and typography.

We designed a series of illustrations, particular to each region of Switzerland where Pouly tea shops were based, that would resonate with local people. The bespoke streetscapes focussed on important local landmarks and contained consistent elements that would link all sites nationally.

The branding and illustrations were initially launched across four Pouly locations. Following positive feedback, they were rolled out across the entire national network, where customers continue to appreciate their fresh, quirky appeal.