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Refining the brand of a bespoke kitchen company to reflect the top-quality craftsmanship and finesse of their work.

Shere Kitchens is a bespoke designer, manufacturer and fitter of luxury, handcrafted wooden kitchens. The dedicated company combines a love of beautiful design with clever practicality and a commitment to sustainable working practices.
Detail was commissioned to create a quality brand that would tell the story of the company’s passion for blending the natural beauty of wood-based design with fine craftsmanship and extensive experience in the field.

We created the positioning statement: ‘Bespoke, Naturally’, around which we created a hand-crafted mark of elegance using the letter S as our inspiration and to reinforce the location. We added an oak leaf to reflect the raw materials used and give a subtle nod to the crest of Surrey. A metallic grey colour pallet completed the look, along with natural, warm-toned imagery for the company’s redesigned website.

Shere Kitchens has been able to move forward with strong, decisive branding that is helping them attract new customers and grow the business organically.