UCL 50th Anniversary of the Internet
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Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Internet with UCL Professor Peter Kirstein

UCL has been central to international collaboration around the development of the Internet, right from the early days. Professor Peter Kirstein first linked the US with UCL in 1973 by connecting to the ARPANET, the precursor to the Internet. UCL was proud to present an evening of celebration to mark 50 years since the start of Internet technology, led by a panel of experts, including Internet pioneers, Dr Robert Kahn, Professor Kirstein and Dr Vint Cerf.

Together with the Computer Sciences team at UCL, Detail designed an event to remember that shone a spotlight on the incredible achievements of the three pioneers. We created a distinctive and dynamic visual identity that was reflected in every aspect of messaging and communication. From the initial invitations, through to the ceremony collateral and video presentations, the brand remained strong and cohesive throughout the entire event.

The evening concluded with presentation of awards and the launch of the inaugural Peter Kirstein Lecture Series.

Looking to the future.
The next 50 years with Professor Peter Kirstein & Professor John Shawe-Taylor.