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A brand-new visual identity and launch event for UCL’s innovative AI Centre

UCL is known for conducting some of the best AI research in the world. The university’s stated vision, ‘AI for people and planet’, seeks to position artificial intelligence as a force for good.

To celebrate the launch of UCL’s new Centre, we were asked to create a new visual identity and a suite of brand assets and imagery for use in marketing and other communications going forward. Starting with UCL’s existing engineering brand foundations and grid structure, we developed an identity that conveyed a sense of technical expertise, alongside brand recognition and synchronicity with the wider UCL Engineering faculty branding.

Our work captured the project’s innovation and expertise. This was reflected through strong imagery and messaging that was rolled out throughout the Centre with large graphics and signage. We also worked closely with the UCL team to deliver a launch event that started at the Centre and finished at London’s Science Museum with an impressive delegate list of speakers. From the initial marketing communications, right through to video production and presentation materials, we created a memorable experience for guests, with the new identity present at every touchpoint.

UCL’s AI Centre continues with its innovative work. Its exciting, new visual identity has enabled the team to deliver a consistent and confident message across all communications channels.