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Ella Driscoll, Shere Kitchens

We talk to Ella Driscoll about what rebranding has meant to Shere Kitchens, the journey and results

Tell us more about Shere Kitchens, how do you approach the work that you do?

We are makers – we design and craft bespoke kitchens from our Surrey Hills cabinetry workshop. We are Master Craftsmen so each kitchen is custom made to our client’s requirements which is unusual as most companies have a set range. It means that our kitchens have really beautiful stories and the designs are meticulously thought through for each family and home.

We invite clients to visit us at our workshop. It’s important to see our wood selection, our cupboards being made as well as some finished pieces of furniture, so they can see the beauty and quality of our work as well as get to know our team.

It is a joy to involve our clients in the design of every aspect as they’ve often been thinking about the details for a long time – how they want their pantry, tea station, Island, breakfast nook and bar cabinets. One client actually bought in their silver cutlery set so that we could make their cutlery drawer absolutely perfect for their collection. The kitchen is such a special place, it is an absolute pleasure to be able to make it perfectly practical and elegant.

Our kitchens are designed and made to last, so sustainability is at the core. We’re committed to replanting trees and using off-cuts to make bug homes for conservation projects.

Why did you decide to rebrand?

When we first transformed from being a joinery workshop to focusing on kitchens, we needed some branding to get our website up and running. We commissioned a friend of a friend to design a logo for us, but the vision didn’t really come together. We ended up with an orange coloured owl, quite flat text and a tag line that didn’t really capture our essence. It got us started, but we grew a lot in the first year, we gained our confidence, found our niche and then the branding especially the logo didn’t feel like a good fit. So, we decided that it was time to get our branding re-designed, to reflect us, our company, ethos, craftsmanship and passion. We wanted our branding to tell our story, to give clients an insight into our luxury bespoke cabinetry and service.

What has rebranding meant to the business?

It has given us confidence and professionalism!

Detail created such an elegant mark for us; refined & timeless. The ‘S’ with the Oakleaf at the top reflects the journey from the natural beauty of the wood, to the wood shaving at the bottom highlighting the design and craft of a bespoke Shere Kitchen. Just like our handmade furniture, our signature mark was handcrafted by Dan. It was really lovely to see his hand-drawn sketches and the process of how he developed our branding mark.

Our new tagline emphasises our heritage and craftsmanship. It cleverly lets people know quite a lot about us in only two words – Bespoke, Naturally.

The tag line Detail developed - Bespoke, Naturally, is so fitting. It highlights that our kitchens are tailor-made, that we use traditional methods and natural materials. It emphasises our heritage and craftsmanship. It cleverly lets people know quite a lot about us in only two words.

How was the whole process working with Detail?

In the first ‘discovery workshop’ meeting Ginetta and Dan made it really easy to share our journey, to talk about how we work collaboratively with our clients during the design phase, how we make our cabinetry, the different styles of furniture we’re passionate about, our kitchens and interior furniture and our position. It was actually a great opportunity for us to think together about our vision for the future. In the usual day-to-day running of a business it’s easy to stick to your individual roles and strengths such as cabinet making, design or marketing. Ginetta and Dan really helped us to unify our thoughts and take time to consider our joint voice.

I have a background in Market Research, so it was very reassuring to know that Detail do market analysis, to fully understand our sector and help them understand our USPs.

It’s a good indication of the depth of their work that we still go back to Detail’s final Branding Presentation. It’s a lovely reminder of how far we’ve come as well as beautifully written and also has some ideas we are yet to work on.

What was the feedback from your customers?

It was really exciting to share our new branding on our social media. It felt like we’d blossomed. The response was so encouraging … ‘Beautiful’, ‘So smart’, ‘Wow’ and ‘Love this’ were the most popular responses. With some drooling face emojis for good measure!

Letters, estimates, invoices, business cards, van signwriting, uniform are all now re-branded…we love it. It makes us feel proud.

When prospective clients call us the first thing, they say is…’we love your website’. We already had a website that worked well for us, but the new typography & identity really lifted it into line with our service and craftsmanship.

Thank you to the whole team at Detail. We are thrilled with our new branding.