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Lyndsey Barrett, Sport for Confidence

Sport for Confidence offers valuable support, for disabled people. We hear from Lyndsey Barrett.
Tell us about Sport for Confidence?
Sport for Confidence is a social enterprise, passionate about making the sport and physical activity sector more inclusive for people – for everyone.
We are a team of Occupational Therapists who work with coaches to use sport and physical activity for assessment and interventions, and ultimately delivering occupational outcomes for people from all walks of life. We operate in leisure centres across Essex and London, and work in partnership with health, social care and the leisure sector workforce to modify their behaviours in line with our principles. We strive to place Occupational Therapists in every leisure centre in the UK and encourage everybody to #PlayYourPart.
What was the initial thinking behind setting up the partnership between healthcare and leisure centres?
I have worked in the NHS for 18 years before eventually taking the leap to set up Sport for Confidence in its own right. During this time I had been able to support disabled people and people with long term health conditions to increase their engagement in meaningful occupations through the use of physical activity. Therefore, from our perspective leisure centres are ideally placed to support health professionals deliver occupational outcomes. We use different sports and activities to address areas such as communication, social skills, conflict management, turn-taking and relationship building. All of our programmes encourage clients to leave feeling they have learned valuable life lessons and techniques to help them with everyday life.
How is SFC helping change perceptions?
We are unique and the first organisation to work in this way – placing an Occupational Therapist on the front line of a traditional leisure facility.
We are working with our Royal College of Occupational Therapists as well as other Allied Health Professions to bridge the skills gap between traditional health care treatment, responding and reacting to health inequalities and sport and physical activity professionals who aren’t currently regarded as an integral part of the solution to the health care challenges faced by modern society.  We are passionate about occupational injustice and providing opportunities for marginalised groups.

The design work that Detail has contributed has been invaluable. From the look and feel of the logo, the messaging that sits behind the brand, the strapline and photography – it has been instrumental in getting our message across.

What made you choose to work with Detail?
It was an easy decision. We have worked previously with one of the Directors and they have once again delivered for us. An incredible brand and logo, some superb insight and expertise, and total attention to Detail! The communication between the team at Detail and our team of health professionals go above and beyond our expectations, their support and creativity mean we can deliver the best possible service to our participants.
How has having a strong brand identity helped with promoting SFC?
It has been incredibly important. From the look and feel of the logo, the messaging that sits behind the brand, the strapline and photography – the team at Detail have been brilliant. People across health care, social care and sport and physical activity now recognise the brand and the important role we’re playing in the health of the nation. Clients want to purchase t-shirts to feel part of the team and staff feel proud to wear our branded kit when delivering programmes.