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Buyer personas – What do you know about your ideal customer?

Recognising and distinguishing your diverse target audiences is crucial for the success of marketing campaigns and overall business growth. A key method to achieve this is by developing a buyer persona which works as a model for your ideal customer. More often than not, multiple buyer personas emerge, allowing for more precise targeting across various social media platforms, advertisements, and email marketing campaigns.


What to consider

When constructing a buyer persona, factors include location, age, gender, primary language, interests, goals, values, and buying behaviour. Some companies even go as far as naming their buyer personas to humanise and understand them better.

Whilst working on brand refinement for our client, Equine America, we also looked at their brand voice for different audiences. Equine America is a successful equine performance and wellbeing supplement company with an international customer base.

We identified three distinct target audiences: professional riders, competing amateurs, and leisure riders. By researching and defining the unique traits of each persona, we gained valuable insights which shaped the direction of their marketing communications.

Illustration of different people and focus with magnifying glass on one individual
Adverts for Equine America showing different riders

Creating a buyer persona

To illustrate, we crafted a buyer persona for a professional horse rider named Sarah, aged 30, who, as a full-time rider, is competing at national and international events. With a strong commitment to discipline and continuous improvement throughout her career, Sarah possesses traits such as competitiveness, discipline, hard work, and patience. Sarah leads a highly active lifestyle, frequently travelling for competitions and training. Her goals involve a successful career, competing at the highest level, and ensuring the health and fitness of her horses. Challenges she faces include work/life balance, potential financial constraints, and the risk of injuries to herself and her horse.

After establishing the individual buyer personas for Equine America, we developed a unique tone of voice for each. With this in mind, we created specific advertising with impactful images and copy that would resonate.




Understanding the diverse audiences your business serves is crucial to creating effective marketing strategies and driving overall success. As demonstrated with the example of Equine America, investing the time and effort into understanding your different audiences allows you to interact with your customers on a deeper level. So, whether you’re targeting professional horse riders, dog lovers, cyclists, or any other demographic, remember that the key to success lies in recognising and catering to the unique characteristics and preferences of each persona.

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